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Cargoffer is a technological platform to digitize the transportation of goods and directly connect companies.

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Load Exchange

Simple and fast Cargo Auction. Create a load in seconds and receive offers.

Fair Price

Fair price for all. We calculate a fair price for all parts of the service.

Digital Contract + e-CMR

Streamline processes with digital contracts and e-CMR, generated in record time.

Real Time

Total transparency in the process, access to real-time status of all parts of the service.

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How Does It Work?

Our logistics platform offers multiple advantages to our users:
  1. Fast and efficient document generation.
    1. We save time and effort by swiftly generating documents.
  2. Fair prices for everyone.
    1. We offer fair rates regardless of shipment size.
  3. Real-time updated data.
    1. Allows constant tracking of shipments.
  4. Access from any device.
    1. Manage shipments from anywhere with ease.
In addition to these advantages, our platform offers additional features such as:
  1. Shipment tracking.
    1. Track your shipments from origin to destination in a transparent and secure manner.
  2. Notifications.
    1. Receive updates about the status of your shipments.
  3. Digital Contract and e-CMR.
    1. You'll have access to digital contracts, e-CMRs for each shipment, and we'll send them to your email when there is any modification.
If you're looking for a logistics platform with these advantages, register today and start enjoying the benefits we offer!
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Freight Exchange

In the exciting world of logistics, freight exchanges have become an essential resource for optimizing the transportation of goods. In our innovative transportation service based on Software as a Service (SaaS), we've taken this idea a step further by incorporating an exciting feature of real-time price auction, designed especially for truckers and carriers. Imagine this: your cargo is ready for shipment, and you're looking for the most efficient and cost-effective option. Our SaaS platform gives you access to a wide network of verified and reliable truckers competing in a real-time price auction. This revolutionary functionality allows you to obtain competitive rates, saving valuable time and resources. How does it work? It's simple. Publish the details of your cargo on the platform and watch as truckers compete to offer the best price. This transparency gives you the power to choose the option that best suits your needs, while ensuring efficient and profitable transportation. Our platform not only empowers your ability to find the best offer but also improves communication and coordination between carriers and shippers. With SaaS technology, you can track and manage your shipments in real-time, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. In summary, our SaaS solution with price auction in freight exchanges is transforming the way transportation logistics is approached. Take advantage of this innovative tool to achieve efficiency, competitiveness, and outstanding results in every shipment.

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Fair Price

In the exciting world of logistics, a freight exchange has become a vital ally for optimizing the transportation of goods. In this context, Cargoffer emerges as an innovative solution that ensures a fair and equitable approach in the price auction process. Imagine this: you're looking for a competitive rate for the transportation of your cargo. With Cargoffer, you not only find attractive offers but also ensure that the price is fair for both parties involved. Our platform uses meticulous calculations that consider various factors, such as the distance to be covered, the type of vehicle required, estimated time, fuel costs, and real-time fuel prices. What truly sets Cargoffer apart is its proactive measure against 'dumping'. To prevent unfair situations in the auction, Cargoffer sets a minimum price based on the aforementioned formula. This blocks any attempt to bid below a reasonable threshold and ensures that carriers receive fair compensation for their services. The transparency and fairness inherent in Cargoffer benefit not only shippers in obtaining competitive rates but also truckers by ensuring that their efforts are adequately rewarded. In summary, Cargoffer is changing the game in the world of logistics by providing a platform where justice and efficiency converge for the benefit of all involved parties.

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In the field of logistics, digitization has revolutionized how documentation and processes are handled. An essential part of this transformation is the e-CMR, an innovative solution that simplifies and streamlines shipment tracking. Imagine this: instead of relying on physical documents that can be lost or damaged, the e-CMR gives you the ability to manage all documentation electronically. From contracts to shipment details, everything is stored digitally. But here's where the e-CMR shines even more: by keeping it updated in real-time throughout the process. By using digital contracts and e-CMRs, every party involved, from shippers to carriers, can access precise information at any time. There are no more delays due to waiting for physical documents or the need for constant communication to get updates. The documentation is always at your fingertips, accurate and up-to-date. This innovation not only reduces the risks of errors and data loss but also enhances transparency and communication between the parties. Every update is reflected instantly in the system, allowing everyone to be on the same page and make informed decisions in real-time. In summary, the adoption of digitized documentation, digital contracts, and e-CMR transforms logistics by providing an efficient and reliable platform. Constant updating and real-time accessibility enhance process quality and provide a seamless experience for all parties involved.

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Digital Contract

In the dynamic field of logistics, the adoption of digitized documentation and digital contracts has triggered a radical transformation in how processes are managed. And when it comes to efficiency and speed, digital signatures emerge as a fundamental resource. Imagine this: with digital contracts, you can create and share documents electronically. But here's where digital signatures drive a real change. These electronically validated signatures allow instant authentication of contracts, eliminating the need for physical shipments and long waits for document validation. The true magic lies in the ability to send documentation in real-time. This not only speeds up the contract validation process but also streamlines the allocation of services to carriers. Documentation can be shared and confirmed virtually instantly, avoiding unnecessary delays. Furthermore, digital signatures generate fully valid and accepted legal documents. Digitization not only streamlines but also legitimizes the process. Every step, from contract drafting to service confirmation, becomes a hassle-free and legally backed process. In conclusion, the combination of digitized documentation, digital contracts, and electronic signatures has revolutionized logistics. We are in the era of agility, where delays are minimized, efficiency is maximized, and the legitimacy of services is ensured with a touch of advanced technology.

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Always Updated

In the realm of modern logistics, adaptability and precision are crucial. In this context, a cloud platform that provides access from any device stands as a fundamental element for efficient shipment management. Imagine this: with our platform, it doesn't matter if you're on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. The flexibility of accessing the platform from any device ensures that you can be in control at all times, from anywhere. But here's where the real magic happens. Thanks to this cloud platform, every modification, update, or change is instantly reflected in real-time. Whether it's a change in the shipping route or an update on the status, the information is automatically synchronized across all devices. This level of synchronization and updating completely eliminates the possibility of human errors when verifying or reviewing the status of a shipment. There are no more outdated versions of information or confusions. The information is accurate, consistent, and reliable. In summary, a cloud platform that allows access from any device offers a competitive advantage by keeping information updated in real-time. There's no room for doubt or uncertainty when checking the status of a shipment. In the world of agile and precise logistics, this platform becomes an essential resource.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Our platform is designed to help you efficiently manage your supply chain.

You can track your inventories, manage your orders, and trace your shipments.

You can also generate custom reports to get insights into your business performance.

Our platform is secure and reliable. We use the best security protocols to protect your data.

We also have a customer support team available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you may have.

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Avoid half-loaded shipments and empty returns.

We Connect Companies

Do you have a load that needs to be transported?

Don't have time to find a carrier?

Don't worry! We take care of everything.

We are a platform that connects companies in need of shipping loads with carriers who can handle it.

Just enter your load details, and you'll have the perfect carrier for you.

We verify that carriers meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

We analyze carrier behavior with AI to prevent transportation problems.

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The perfect carrier for the load

Agile Documentation

Our platform allows you to manage your documentation, contracts, and eCMR automatically and always available.

All your documentation will be in one place, secure and accessible for you and your employees.

Additionally, our platform allows you to digitally sign your contracts, saving you time and money. You can also generate eCMRs automatically, helping you comply with regulations.

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Documentation accessible when you need it

Fair Price for Everyone

We believe in fair pricing for everyone.

We do not allow dumping or pricing below cost.

We calculate the most appropriate price for each shipment every day.

Our auction algorithm is designed to ensure that all users have the opportunity to make a profit from their work. We all like to eat every day.

Our algorithm takes into account a range of factors, such as load size, distance to travel, type of vehicle needed, and fuel price. This allows us to offer fair prices for all users, regardless of their needs.

We review the algorithm every day to ensure fair trade.

It's the best choice for quality services.

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Load Shipping has its price, and always fair

Frequent questions(FAQs)

Does the platform provide detailed information about carriers and shipping companies?

We understand the importance of protecting your cargo. That's why we provide only the necessary information to ensure efficient and reliable transportation. In the transport contract and eCMR, you will find information to locate and communicate with the assigned carrier. This way, you'll have control and visibility throughout the entire process. We carefully verify each carrier, ensuring they meet the highest standards. With the necessary documentation in order, we guarantee that the requested transport will be carried out optimally. If any incidents or doubts arise, you can communicate directly with the carrier in real time. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we work hard to offer you an unparalleled quality of service. So, trust our team of professionals and experience safe and efficient cargo transportation. Your cargo is in the best hands with us!

How do digital contracts work, and how is their legal validity ensured?

Digital contracts are legal agreements entered into and signed electronically. They use electronic or digital signatures to authenticate the parties and ensure the validity of the contract. Digital contracts have the same legal validity as paper contracts and can be used for any type of agreement, including transportation contracts.

What are the benefits of using eCMRs instead of traditional physical CMRs?

eCMRs are electronic transport documents that replace traditional physical CMRs. They offer a range of benefits, including: Greater efficiency: eCMRs can be processed electronically, saving time and money. Greater accuracy: eCMRs are less prone to errors than physical CMRs, reducing the risk of disputes. Greater security: eCMRs are protected by digital security, making them more secure than physical CMRs. Greater sustainability: eCMRs reduce the use of paper, which is good for the environment.

How are the prices of transportation services determined on the platform?

The prices of transportation services on the platform are determined by a series of factors, including: Greater efficiency: eCMRs can be processed electronically, saving time and money. Greater accuracy: eCMRs are less prone to errors than physical CMRs, reducing the risk of disputes. Greater security: eCMRs are protected by digital security, making them more secure than physical CMRs. Greater sustainability: eCMRs reduce the use of paper, which is good for the environment.

What type of documentation and verifications are required for carriers and logistics companies registering on the platform?

Carriers and logistics companies registering on the platform must provide the following documentation and verifications: Business documents, Registration documents, Tax documents, Insurance documents, Background checks, Credit checks.

What do we mean by a fair price?

A fair price is one that is equitable for both the carrier and the shipper. It is based on a series of factors, including: Carrier costs, Market competition, Shipment urgency, Service quality.

Can anyone use the platform?

Anyone can register, but not everyone can use the platform. We validate all the information provided during registration to ensure that they are authorized companies for the job, thus avoiding pirate companies and non-professional individuals.