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Cargoffer is a technological platform to digitize the transportation of goods and put companies in direct contact

Digitise your management and connect with companies on a single platform

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¿What We Are?

Load Exchange

Auction your cargo and get the best price! Fast, simple and transparent

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Fair Price

Fair price for all. We calculate a fair price for all parts of the service.

We calculate the minimum price to protect carriers and shippers.

Digital Contract + e-CMR

Streamline processes with digital contracts and e-CMR, generated in record time.

Digital contracts and e-CMR, generated in record time.

Real Time

Total transparency in the process, access to real-time status of all parts of the service.

Total transparency in the process. Real-time access to the status of your cargo. Updated information for all parts of the service.

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How Does It Work?

Your comprehensive logistics solution! Cargoffer: the platform that makes your life easier.
  1. Agility and efficiency:

    We save time and effort by swiftly generating documents.

  2. Fair prices:

    We offer fair rates regardless of shipment size.

  3. Total control:

    Allows constant tracking of shipments.

  4. Your logistics office in your pocket!

    Access from any device. Keep control of your logistics wherever you are.

In addition to these advantages, our platform offers additional features such as:
  1. Generation of documents in record time.

    Track your shipments from origin to destination in a transparent and secure manner.

  2. Transparent rates for all shipments.

    Receive updates about the status of your shipments.

  3. Real-time tracking and access from any device.

    You will have access to the digital contracts, the e-CMR of each shipment; and we will send them to you by email when there is any modification.

If you're looking for a logistics platform with these advantages, register today and start enjoying the benefits we offer!
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Freight Exchange

Revolutionize your logistics with real-time price auction Our SaaS platform connects you with the best carriers and offers you the most competitive rates. The world of logistics is no longer the same. The real-time price auction has arrived to transform the way goods are transported. Save time and money: Get the best rates on the market thanks to competition between carriers. Total transparency: Follow the auction live and choose the offer that best suits your needs. Efficiency and control: Manage your shipments in real time with our SaaS platform. Trust and security: Work with a network of verified and reliable carriers.

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Fair Price

Fair and efficient auctions for your logistics Get the best rates and ensure fair treatment for everyone. In the dynamic world of logistics, Cargoffer presents itself as an innovative solution that transforms price auctions. Our platform ensures a fair and equitable process for shippers and carriers, driving efficiency and success with every shipment. An advanced artificial intelligence algorithm sets a minimum price that protects carriers and shippers. Follow the evolution of offers in real time and choose the option that best suits your needs. Save time and money with a fast and effective auction process. works with a network of reliable and experienced carriers. Avoid 'dumping': The minimum price protects carriers from abusive offers. Get the best rates thanks to competition between carriers.

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e-CMR: Digitize your logistics and speed up your shipments Forget about paperwork and enjoy efficient and transparent document management. Digitalization has transformed logistics, and e-CMR is one of the most innovative tools to optimize the tracking of your shipments. Say goodbye to paperwork and discover a world of advantages with electronic documentation. Simplify document management: Store all your documents digitally, from contracts to shipping details. Improves transparency: Share shipping information with all actors in the logistics chain instantly. Reduces errors and risks: Eliminates the possibility of losing or damaging physical documents. Streamlines processes: Enjoy faster and more efficient document management. Generate digital contracts and e-CMR on the platform. Access complete documentation at any time. Start using e-CMR today and enjoy modern and efficient document management!

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Digital Contract

Digital signatures: Agility and security in logistics management Speed ​​up your processes, validate contracts instantly and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Digitalization has transformed logistics. Digital contracts and electronic signatures are key tools to optimize document management, increase efficiency and streamline processes. Create, share and sign contracts electronically in real time. Instant validation: forget about waiting and slow processes. Digital signatures authenticate documents instantly. Reduces costs and wait times associated with traditional document management. Digitally signed documents are legally valid and secure. Simplify document management and enjoy a fluid workflow. Are you ready to transform your logistics experience?

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Always Updated

Cloud platform: Full control of your shipments in real time. Access from any device and enjoy accurate and updated information instantly. In the era of modern logistics, adaptability and precision are key. Our cloud platform gives you full control of your shipments in real time, from any device. Access from anywhere: Manage your shipments wherever you are, from any device. Real-time information: Automatic synchronization of changes and updates for complete accuracy. Error elimination: Forget about confusion due to outdated versions. The information is always up to date. Competitive advantage: Make informed decisions with accurate and timely data. Greater efficiency: Streamline your processes and optimize the management of your shipments. Are you ready to transform your logistics experience?

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Manage your supply chain efficiently and sustainably. Our platform helps you:

Optimize your routes and deliveries: Reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by planning efficient routes.

Consolidate your shipments: Group your orders to reduce the number of trips and your carbon footprint.

Measure your environmental impact: Get accurate information about your supply chain's carbon footprint and take steps to reduce it

Cutting-edge technology: Innovative solutions to optimize your logistics and minimize your environmental impact.

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Discover how you can reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We Connect Companies

Do you have a load that needs to be transported?

We simplify the transportation of your goods. We are the platform that connects you with reliable and efficient carriers, so that your shipments arrive on time and without complications.

In just 3 steps, find the perfect carrier:

Register your cargo: Indicate the details of your shipment, such as origin, destination, type of merchandise and weight

Get Quotes: Receive competitive offers from verified and qualified carriers.

Artificial intelligence: We analyze the behavior of carriers to avoid transportation problems.

Customer support: We accompany you throughout the entire process and resolve any questions or problems.

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The perfect carrier for the load

Agile Documentation

Forget about paperwork and unleash the full potential of your business

With Agile Documentation, transform your company's document management and discover a world of possibilities:

Centralization and control: Store all your documentation in one place: Contracts, eCMRs, invoices, delivery notes and any other document will always be available and accessible. Organization and classification: Keep your information organized and categorized for quick and easy searching. Instant access: View and download your documents from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Security and Compliance: Secure Storage: Protect your confidential information with the highest security standards. Access control: Define specific access permissions for each user and protect your sensitive information. Regulatory compliance: Complies with all legal and regulatory obligations related to document management.

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Documentation accessible when you need it

Fair Price for Everyone

At Cargo Shipping, we believe in a fair market where all actors benefit. That's why we implemented an innovative system that guarantees a fair price for each shipment.

We do not allow dumping or pricing below cost.

Fighting dumping and abusive prices: We do not allow anti-competitive practices such as dumping or below-cost pricing. We calculate daily the most appropriate price for each shipment, based on relevant variables.

Our auction algorithm is designed to ensure that all users have the opportunity to profit from their work. We all like to eat every day.

Our algorithm takes into account a range of factors, such as load size, distance to travel, type of vehicle needed, and fuel price. This allows us to offer fair prices for all users, regardless of their needs.

We review the algorithm every day, to ensure fair trading.

It is the best option to have quality services.

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Load Shipping has its price, and always fair

Frequent questions(FAQs)

Does the platform provide detailed information about carriers and shipping companies?

We understand the importance of protecting your cargo. That's why we provide only the necessary information to ensure efficient and reliable transportation. In the transport contract and eCMR, you will find information to locate and communicate with the assigned carrier. This way, you'll have control and visibility throughout the entire process. We carefully verify each carrier, ensuring they meet the highest standards. With the necessary documentation in order, we guarantee that the requested transport will be carried out optimally. If any incidents or doubts arise, you can communicate directly with the carrier in real time. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we work hard to offer you an unparalleled quality of service. So, trust our team of professionals and experience safe and efficient cargo transportation. Your cargo is in the best hands with us!

How do digital contracts work and how is their legal validity ensured?

Digital contracts are legal agreements entered into and signed electronically. They use electronic or digital signatures to authenticate the parties and ensure the validity of the contract. Digital contracts have the same legal validity as paper contracts and can be used for any type of agreement, including transportation contracts.

What are the benefits of using eCMRs instead of traditional physical CMRs?

eCMRs are electronic transport documents that replace traditional physical CMRs. They offer a range of benefits, including: Greater efficiency: eCMRs can be processed electronically, saving time and money. Greater accuracy: eCMRs are less prone to errors than physical CMRs, reducing the risk of disputes. Greater security: eCMRs are protected by digital security, making them more secure than physical CMRs. Greater sustainability: eCMRs reduce the use of paper, which is good for the environment.

How are the prices of transportation services determined on the platform?

The prices of transportation services on the platform are determined by a series of factors, including: Greater efficiency: eCMRs can be processed electronically, saving time and money. Greater accuracy: eCMRs are less prone to errors than physical CMRs, reducing the risk of disputes. Greater security: eCMRs are protected by digital security, making them more secure than physical CMRs. Greater sustainability: eCMRs reduce the use of paper, which is good for the environment.

What type of documentation and verifications are required for carriers and logistics companies registering on the platform?

Carriers and logistics companies registering on the platform must provide the following documentation and verifications: Business documents, Registration documents, Tax documents, Insurance documents, Background checks, Credit checks.

What do we mean by a fair price?

A fair price is one that is equitable for both the carrier and the shipper. It is based on a series of factors, including: Carrier costs, Market competition, Shipment urgency, Service quality.

Can anyone use the platform?

Anyone can register, but not everyone can use the platform. We validate all the information provided during registration to ensure that they are authorized companies for the job, thus avoiding pirate companies and non-professional individuals.

What is Cargoffer?

Cargoffer is a logistics SaaS platform that connects carriers and shippers efficiently.

What services does Cargoffer offer?

Cargo bag:

Find available loads for your vehicle in real time.

eCMR Generator: Create electronic transport documents under European standards.

Active Communication: Stay in touch with shippers and carriers directly on the platform.

Route Optimizer: Plan your routes efficiently (except last mile).

TMS Fleet Management: Manage your fleet of vehicles and drivers centrally.

What advantages does Cargoffer offer to transporters?

Fair pricing: Cargoffer calculates the costs of each route and sets a minimum price to ensure fair payment.

No low bids: Carriers cannot offer prices below the established minimum.

Greater efficiency: Find loads quickly and optimize your routes.

Fluid communication: Stay in touch with shippers directly on the platform.

How does Cargoffer work?

***Access to a wide network of carriers: ***Find reliable carriers for your loads.

Competitive prices: Get fair and transparent rates.

Easy-to-use platform: Post your loads and manage your shipments easily.

Real-time tracking: Monitor the status of your shipments in real time.

How can I register with Cargoffer?

You can register for free on our website. You just need to fill out a short form. We will validate information with you to know that you are a professional; whether you are a carrier, or a company that needs to send cargo.

Is Cargoffer safe?

Yes, Cargoffer is a secure platform. We use the latest security technologies to protect your data.

What type of loads can I find at Cargoffer?

At Cargoffer you can find all types of loads, from pallets to complete groupages. Going through linear meters, full trailer or full load of transport.

How can I contact Cargoffer?

You can contact us through our website or by email. Within the platform there is an internal incident manager, if you prefer.

What languages ​​does Cargoffer support?

Cargoffer is available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Can I use Cargoffer on my mobile device?

Yes, Cargoffer has a mobile app available for Android and iOS. The interface is prepared to work from a computer, tablet or mobile.

What do Cargoffer users think?

Cargoffer has an excellent rating from its users. We care about meeting the needs and improvements proposed by users.

How can I get more information about Cargoffer?

Visit our website or contact us for more information about Cargoffer.

Ready to optimize your logistics?

Register with Cargoffer today and start enjoying all the advantages that our platform offers you.

Remember: -Helps you find the best prices for your shipments. -You will optimize your routes and save time and money. -We offer you a secure and easy-to-use platform.